A/B tests results: Pulsing Coupon Box vs. Static (Justuno design effects)


Back in a time when man either ate or became lunch, visual cues were literally a matter of life and death. In web experience, visual cues aren’t as dramatic, but still important. Hey, got your attention, right?

One fundamental principal of consumer psychology is the idea that movement on a page will grab your attention first; before colors or big, bolded words. Many CRO blogs reference this instinct to divert optimizers away from using photo carousels or videos above the fold on their home pages, but that’s for another post.

After reading one such blog post, I asked a long time client of ours, HotDogCollars.com, if they’d be willing to let me run a test to use visual cues to increase a promotion’s effectiveness. Specifically, I wanted to see if using a pulsating effect on the coupon box to direct abandoning traffic to the discount code would increase sales conversions. Here’s what the test looks like:

Pulse Effect

No pulse effect:

See the difference? Sure you do, because you used to be able to see cheetahs stalking in the brush. Since applying the pulse effect, Hot Dog Collars has enjoyed a 26.5% increase in sales conversions, according to the A/B test results.

To set this up, go into the design canvas of any of your promotions. Once there, select a layer, then Effects (right side of the page). Choose from any of our possible effects, and be sure to let us know what your findings are below!


Hey Robbie, Is there a support doc to show how to set this up? Also, can I have it shake or something too?


Sure can. You can select one of our 14 effects within the design canvas when you select a layer (screenshot here)