Creative Ways To Use Justuno For Black Friday/Cyber Monday


I’m sure you’ve had your holiday strategy ready to launch for weeks, right?

Just in case you haven’t, or maybe you’re so on it that you’re bored and want some new ideas, I’m laying out a good promotional “workflow” for you to consider adding to your arsenal of conversion tools. The idea here is to not just think about your future traffic, but also about the traffic that is on your site right now.

1. Convert your lead capture pop ups into “Early Black Friday Deals”

Frankly, people are numb to Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing, which is why you see all kinds of companies, from commerce to car sales, offering their deals early.

The difference? You can take those new visitor discounts and just offer them as an early holiday deal in exchange for the visitor’s email. Not only do you get the lead, but now that person might buy right then, or they’ll see your near-future marketing efforts to bring them back.

2. On Black Friday, lead capture should take a back seat to sales conversions

That’s right - don’t make lead capture the desired action for your traffic on these explosive sales days. Most people want to know what you’re discounting, and where they can find it. Use our unlocked Justuno promotions as a welcome mat to let people know:

  • What are your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday specials?
  • Is everything discounted?
  • Do they need a coupon code?
  • How long do these blowout specials last for?

Check out the example gif below for #2 and #3

3. Remind them of the above throughout their experience.

Set up a corresponding Uno Bar for the above mentioned “welcome mat”. By default, UnoBars and corner pop ups have targeting rules designed to only continue to show if the user has not closed it, so create one that will stand out on the page and contain all the details for them to see while they shop.

4. If you plan on doing lead capture, don’t put it in the middle of the page.

Again, people are looking for one thing only during the holiday: the biggest deals of the year. Your competitors aren’t gating a coupon code for an email, so neither should you. If you want to make it available, set up a corner pop up with an email field, and experiment with copy that provides the user with some value. Think things like “Don’t see your size? We’ll email when it is” or “More holiday deals are on the way, sing up below”, and funnel these emails into a separate, urgent list for you to contact more personally.

Hope this helps, and always, let us know how you feel in the comments!