Feature Update - Mailchimp 3.0 Upgrade


New Mailchimp API 3.0 upgrade! For those of us that don’t understand the implications of this upgrade, Mailchimp integrations work better and more seamlessly now that they have released an updated API for third parties like us to use.

You may have also noticed that you can now have instant access to your forms and lists straight from our design canvas. This is big because it cuts the form embedding process in half, all while providing easier access to your email service provider within Justuno. In the video below, we use Mailchimp as an example, though we have 6 form integrations live:

Current Live Form Integrations:

To utilize the form integrations, go to the design canvas of any locked pop up, drop in an Email Form Layer (or edit an existing one), and click on the layer option titled “Change Form”.

Don’t see yours? Let us know in the comments below!