Google's Mobile Policy Update: A Visual Example


There has been much ado about Google’s policy updates with regards to mobile pop ups and interstitials, and although we have content outlining our understanding and recommendations, we thought it pertinent to provide a visual example of what we think will fit into their best practices.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Pop ups triggered by the user are ok (this suggests the use of Justuno tabs on mobile)
  • Banners that use a “reasonable amount” of screen space are fine
  • Banners that do not push content “below the fold” are also fine
  • Banners should include a prominent opt-out button

Here’s what we don’t know:

  • What’s a “reasonable amount” of space on the page?
  • Will Google differentiate between interstitials (ads) and overlays (Justuno pop ups)?
  • How do they plan on implementing this sweeping change in an efficient way?

With the info we do currently have, we’ve created a prototypical mobile pop up to suit the upcoming changes:

The way you set up your targeting rules will also determine whether your promotion is optimized to Google’s mobile standards. The above pop up, for example, is set to only display to users on pages that have matched the following targeting rules:

  1. They have scrolled 20% down the page (new rule!)
  2. They have never engaged with this promotion before
  3. They have not yet closed this promotion this visit

Also, try setting up conditions to show the pop up after one page load or after 30 seconds on the first page load. These will prevent a pop up from showing as soon as a visitor gets to your homepage, which is largely what Google is trying to get rid of.

Again, this post outlines the ideal mobile pop up based on the best practices released by Google, so we will keep updating as developments unfold. Enjoy, and comment below!


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Thanks Robbie, would you recommend a tab similar to those used on desktop? Or is there a more mobile friendly version?



Hey 3-4Heart,

We recommend using the standard tab with larger, more legible text. You can also reduce the border padding (right side under Border Options to reduce the overall size of the tab, while keeping the text large. Another idea to test would be to use a custom tab that is actually n image with a “false” email field and submit button, so when clicked, it opens a full-size promotion. Hope this helps!



Hi Robbie,

We want to include a Unobar on mobile that just reminds visitors we have free shipping at the moment - it doesn’t collect emails or anything else. To keep reminding people of this we’d like to show this unobar to them every time they visit the site on mobile. Do you think we could safely do away with targeting rule 2 you mention above “They have never engaged with this promotion before”?




Hey David,

Good idea - you can get away with not having the “never engaged” rule,
though I would recommend using our default rule for unobars, which states
that the pop up will show on every page “unless the user has closed it this
session”. Hope this helps!

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Hi Robbie,

That’s awesome, thanks!


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