I logged into Justuno - what's next?


So, you’ve installed Justuno (thanks again!), logged in for the first time and suddenly - a new interface, a new experience, a new learning curve.##

We understand that it’s easy to get lost in a new app, so we’ll outline some actionable steps here to get Justuno up and running and showing you real value within minutes. Some helpful pointers to speed things up:

  • Utilize our prebuilt promotions - we create these based on best practices that we’ve developed over 6 years of optimizing on-site pop ups. (support document here)
  • Know what you want to offer - discount amount, content, contest, or other incentive you can offer to different traffic segments on your site to get them to convert.
  • Gather your creatives - images, color codes, logos, Google font names, etc can all be used to turn our prebuilt promotions into your perfect pop up.
  • Think of the Justuno process in 3 STEPS - design (what the promotion will do and look like), segment (or audience), and list integration (this is optional).

1. Run a New Visitor Lead Capture Promotion (desktop & mobile)

From our prebuilt promotions list, select one of our New Visitor promotions. Generally you will see one for the nearest marketing holiday, and another one that is holiday-agnostic). Once you click on a promotion, you will be taken to the design canvas. Once there, follow this checklist:

Customize the promotional offer (copy, etc.)

Add a coupon code, or remove the coupon code layer if irrelevant

Connect to one of our form integrations (not all of our integrations exist there, just ones that offer this functionality)

There will also be another separate new visitor promotion for mobile. The reason we separate them is to reinforce the notion that you should be treating your mobile traffic differently from desktop, i.e. Google’s new mobile policy update, not to mention the design elements that need to be resized to have a great-looking mobile promotion.

2. Run a Cart Abandoner Promotion (desktop)

This is yet another foundational promotion that will dramatically increase the sales conversion rate on your site (sometimes doubles it!), and can also be found on our prebuilt promotions page. The best part? It’s even easier to set up and push live than the New Visitor promotion!. Just follow steps one and two from above, and you’re good to go (this support document can answer further questions).

Targeting Rules

Don’t even worry about them! One of the key elements of our prebuilt promotions is that we’ve already built out your audience for you. We highly encourage you to go in and understand our basic and advanced targeting pages (which will help you unlock some of the most powerful features we offer), though the whole idea is to work in baby steps.

Again, this is meant to get you started on our two most recommended promotions, and show you just how valuable these two segments of traffic can be. Come back to Unoversity, or check out our knowledge base to expand on these ideas further and get the most out of Justuno!

Now that you’re armed with all the info to conquer the world of pop ups, log in and try them out for yourself!