Increase mobile engagements with a timed offer banner


Every year, people are increasing their usage of mobile devices for browsing the internet. Couple that fact with the fact that Google is getting ready to switch their index to a mobile-first index and you have a situation ripe with opportunity - but only if you act right now. A well-placed banner with a time sensitive offer can and will improve your mobile performance.

Have questions about mobile pop ups and banners? Check out this Mobile Pop Up Cheat Sheet for use cases compliant with Google’s policies.

Rover uses a mobile banner showcasing an offer for $25 off pet care. The banner also features a countdown timer to create urgency and spur action from visitors.

Banner offer with CTA

Follow up banner with email opt-in form


Impressions - 3,326,347

Engagements - 228,222

Engagement rate - 6.9%


Digital real estate on mobile devices is precious, so you need to make sure that you can pack every pixel with conversion or engagement potential. A mobile banner that not only uses a different color palette, but also brightly contrasting colors within the banner itself is a great way to draw attention and earn clicks.

By adding a timer you create a strong sense of urgency and when you couple that with a highly specific offer that not only has a strong CTA, but also calls on what your product is - like $25 off pet care - you have a promotion that has high potential for instant clicks. Banners like this are a fantastic way to draw people further into your sales funnel - especially when you can easily implement and manage them.

Create This Offer

This type of offer is super easy to setup. Start off by creating an unobar and select mobile (Or you can implement on desktop as well). Follow this video which will show you how to add a countdown timer and stylize it to fit your needs!