Justuno Glossary


The title pretty much says it all - the following terms are used throughout the Justuno application and all of our associated content. Leave a comment below for any we may have missed!

  • SESSION: we deem a session as each time a visitor is on your site, after they have been off your site for at least 30 minutes.
  • POP UP: also known as a “modal” or an “overlay”, this is what pops up in the middle of your visitor’s screen, and what they ultimately interact with
  • TAB: this is an optional button that can be placed on a page (or pages) so that when clicked, they open the associated pop up.
  • UNO BAR: this is a bar-shaped overlay that is anchored to the top or bottom of your page as a versatile site mssaging tool, CTA, or lead capture point
  • LOCKED OFFER: this is any promotion that requires an interaction by the end user to view the post-engagement offer, which contains a coupon code, gated content, etc. An example is a standard email capture pop up.
  • UNLOCKED OFFER: this is any promotion that does not require an action to view the offer. Examples include a cart abandoner offer, or an Uno Bar with a simple CTA or site message on it
  • IMPRESSIONS: these are counted every time a promotion is loaded onto a page of your website.
    there are different types of engagements based on the type of promotion being presented
  • Locked Offer Engagement: the desired action taken by the visitor (i.e. email submission or social action) to reveal the post-engagement screen (i.e. coupon code, content, etc.)
  • Unlocked Offer Engagement: there are two types of engagements for unlocked offers - “click” and “view”.
    • Click Engagements are defined as a click made by the visitor anywhere on the pop up that does not close it, i.e. the user clicks to copy the coupon code, or clicks a CTA.
    • View engagements are defined as any unlocked offer being open in front of a visitor for longer than 8 seconds before it is subsequently closed.
  • CONVERSION (Justuno-assisted sales): a conversion is counted when a user engages with the promotion and checks out, this can be within the same session or in a later one.
  • EMS: Email Marketing Service, i.e. Mailchimp, Klaviyo, et. al.
  • AUDIENCE: also known as a “segment” or “behavioral group”, these are the users that fit the criteria set up by the targeting rules to be shown a given promotion.
  • TARGETING RULES: can be defined as the grouping of conditions to create a segment of website traffic that will be included in seeing a given Justuno promotion.
  • CONDITION (targeting): these are individual criteria that shape the audience that eith will or will not see a given promotion/