NEW - Design Canvas Updates (updated 1/16)


We heard you loud and clear, and have been working tirelessly to provide some much needed updates to our design canvas, here are some of the major changes…

Center Point

We've added X and Y axis center lines to help you more easily align your layers to the exact center of the page

Snap to Grid

Adjustments to this feature feature make it smoother, more accurate, and better than ever

Alignment Upgrades

To compliment this improvement, we’ve added something BIG. You can now align single or multiple layers to the center, left, top, right, bottom, and top of the background layer. Check out this example below:

Manual Adjustments

For the designers out there, we're now providing fields to **manually enter both X/Y position, as well has layer height and width in pixels**. This is so fancy we had to make gif, instead of a gif.

Rulers & Guides

Also, much like Photoshop, we now provide the ability to **use X and Y axis rulers and guides to map out layer placement**. Also too swaggerific for a gif, here's a video.

Are you not entertained??

If not, here's some other improvements we've made:

Major Layer Improvements to Maximize Efficiency:

  • Duplicate layer(s) within Layer Options OR by selecting the layer, then CTRL C / CTRL V
  • Delete layer(s) by selecting layers and hitting delete/backspace
  • Flip layer(s) either horizontally or vertically.
  • Full screen images will now be resized for you when you upload.
  • Subtle copy changes to layer options in the canvas should help better understand what you’re about to click