NEW FEATURE 1/16: Shareable Preview


Want to know how your desktop promotion will render on a tablet, or how you can share your promotion preview with your team before going live? Wonder no more, now you can do both in the preview section of the design canvas.

Along with desktop and tablet previews, you can now email your team or a client with your latest version of a Justuno promotion, and even leave comments for further review. Pretty straightforward, but have a look at the video below to see what’s possible, and enjoy!

We want to encourage teams of all sizes to collaborate and create the most compelling promotions the internet has ever seen! Using the shareable preview, your comments and notes can be seen in almost real time, which works in concert with another new feature of ours: the ability to add multiple users to one Justuno account.

For further elaboration and visuals, feel free to check out our support article on sharing your promotion previews!