NEW FEATURE - Full Screen Image Pop Ups!


Today I’m posting about the newest addition to the Justuno design canvas: the Full Screen Image (you might’ve heard the terms “welcome mat” or “full screen takeover”). This is yet another way to create stunning pop ups that immediately grab the attention of the audience that views them, and is a great way to place more visual content in front of your visitors.

Most often, you’ll see a full screen image utilized as an exit offer, as seen here:

There are, however, plenty use of use cases, like:

  • full-screen welcome offer
  • “blowout sale” site message (think Black Friday and Cyber Monday)
  • require action to access a page (more on that in the design canvas)
  • using the full screen promotion in place of a landing page (embed a form on it!)

This is a pretty easy feature to utilize (and love). Feel free to visit our support document for the step by step set up, and please leave other uses cases and pictures of your own below!


Hey Erik, here’s a full screen image pop up I did for one of our clients - hope she likes it!