Promotion Design: Basic Pop Up vs Spin-to-Win


How important is promotion design when it comes to performance? It turns out that it makes a substantial impact in both visitor engagement and conversion.

In this study, we take a look at two separate promotions used on the same ecommerce website. One promotion uses basic messaging and branded design while the other uses the spin-to-win widget along with branded design.

Both performed very well in terms of industry averages but can you guess which one received better results? And how much better?

This promotional strategy was implemented on Reshoevn8r’s website by Justuno agency partner Email Aptitude.

Basic Coupon Pop Up

Reshoevn8r’s basic coupon pop up received a 6.1% engagement rate which means that 6.1% of shoppers who saw this offer submitted their email address.

Spin-To-Win Pop Up

After seeing solid success with the basic coupon pop up, Reshoevn8r implemented a branded spin-to-win promotion which can easily be setup within the Justuno design canvas. This simple promotional design tweak yielded massive results with an engagement rate of 31.3%!

That’s a 413% increase in pop up engagement.

The numbers don’t stop there.

The spin-to-win promotion also increased conversion by 83% over the basic coupon promotion.

Note: The discount amount for each promotion is exactly the same at 10% which means this design tweak can be replicated with other retailers seamlessly with the expectation of an increase in engagement and conversion.

Success Factors


Gamification is defined as the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Marketers can use gamification to make ordinary calls-to-action more interesting and fun. Everybody loves receiving a discount but gamification makes it a bit more fun! It also showcases greater discount amounts which give the offer a higher perceived value in the eyes of the shopper.

Engaging Design

When comparing the two pop up designs, it’s clear which one is more engaging. The spin to win promotion takes something typically unexciting like an email capture pop up or form and makes it fun and interesting.


One of the most damaging practices for your website and promotional design is adding a pop up that doesn’t look like it belongs. Matching promotion design to your website and brand is going to look more organic on your website which is going to help with brand perception, engagement, and user experience.

Take it for a Spin!

Give the Spin-To-Win theme a try! You can use it as is or customize to fit your brand just like Reshoevn8r. Click below to access the pre-built theme within Justuno.

Try the Spin-to-Win!