Targeting Rule Set Up: Seeing the same pop up more than once


“I’m getting complaints about the pop up showing up many times during the user’s visit, help!” Sound familiar?

Our staff hears this often, and the good news is the fix is easy!

Multiple targeting rules set to show the pop up… that’s the culprit. Different advanced rules won’t “cancel” each other out by default, meaning that if you have three rules - one that says “show on first page load”, another that says “show on third page load”, and yet a third that says “show to anyone who has never engaged with this promotion, and has been on my site for 10 seconds”, that visitor may potentially see this one promotion three times. Nobody’s got time for that.

Here’s a visual of the above example:

As you can see, these are set up as three different pop rules, as opposed to setting up those three segments in one rule, which is would be the recommended fix. See below:

(click the image to read the smaller text)

This specific example isn’t very practical, as the user would trigger the pop up on the first page load each time they came to the site, but hopefully this helps outline multiple segments you would want to target with one pop up. As always, feel free to leave comments and questions below!