The Perfect Pop Up - Fine Tuning Your Lead Capture


Sure, Justuno makes it easy to push highly effective promotions live within minutes - but what does the perfect pop up look like? In this article, we’ll dissect a few ways to fine tune your current email pop up

##GOAL: MINIMUM 5% engagement rate.

First, let’s address the segment that should see this promotion, because that is arguably THE MOST important factor in it’s success. Typically, an e-commerce site’s traffic is composed of roughly 70%-90% new visitors, so there is a major opportunity for top-of-funnel engagement.

  • Set a rule to show the pop up - as opposed to just showing the tab. If you just show a tab, expect a < 2% engagement rate.
  • Show the pop up to people who have not engaged, as opposed to strictly new visitors - subtle, but allows for returning "window shoppers to be presented with another incentive to sign up, and possibly purchase.
  • Exclude email traffic - you already have their email (der!). Use our basic rules page (“Traffic Source” section) or our advanced rules (look for the conditions labeled “first URL they came to this session”) to exclude tracking urls that contain “UTM_source=email”, for example.
  • Set a pop up delay - give your visitor 10-15 seconds on the site before asking for anything. Sort of like kissing on the first date - wait until the time is right!

Now we have our audience, let’s make them an offer the can’t (too easily) refuse. Even if you do everything else right, a pop up with no incentive will usually perform below 2%, in terms of engagement. Incentives include:

  • discount or dollar-off
  • content (such as an ebook)
  • contest (typically very high engagement rates)
  • gated pages
  • free product giveaway

Last, let’s examine the design and functionality of the pop up. Does it speak to what your audience strives to be when they are on your site? Does your pop up design make it easy for the visitor to make a decision?

  • Utilize the 3 STEP PROMOTION - in the design canvas, you can add an intro screen (upper left tab) that asks the user something like “Do you want am instant discount?”…an easy question to say yes to, right? We’ve run dozens of A/B tests that show up to a 100% IMPROVEMENT in engagements as a result of adding the third step.
  • Use a full screen image background - add an image that does not take attention away from the content (i.e. a model, sorry), but rather provides an aesthetic feel. Also, covering up the whole pages gives the visitor two options - engage or close
  • Brand your pop ups - this increases trust in the pop up, unsurprisingly.

BONUS TRICKS (in order or recommendation)

Post Engagement “Courtesy Bar” -
a) Create a separate unlocked UnoBar promotion
b) In the design canvas, add a coupon code layer (and the same coupon code from your email pop up), as well as a countdown timer (Add Layer > Plugins > Countdown Timer).
c) Go to the advanced rule section and in the pre-made rule, add a condition that says “if user has engaged with a specific promotion this visit”, and select your email pop up from the dropdown menu.

This presses urgency while simultaneously keeping the coupon code in front of the user throughout their experience.

Auto-add coupon code and email features - these can be activated in the design canvas, and just make your customer’s lives easier when making a purchasing decision. See the how-to for the coupon code here, and the email here.

Spin To Win - this is a brand new plug in that gives your email pop ups a more interactive touch, and gamifies the whole process for your customers.

There you have it, the perfect email pop up. Congratulations on getting through this whole article, and as always, comment below with any questions or feedback!


Coming from a user who has just signed up and is still trying to get my head around Justuno. I found the “Bonus Tricks” section of this post confusing.

I think it need to be explained in much more detail, ideally by adding some step by step screenshots or quick screenrecording videos that show the exact steps to take for each Trick.

NOTE: The Spin to Win trick is easy to understand, it’s just the other two that throws up a ton of questions for me that aren’t answered by the document.


Great feedback Adam, thanks! The reason I didn’t add them in to this post was to prevent it from getting too burdensome to read, though we’ll go ahead and drop the support document links related to each of these bonus options to help give them more context. Let me know if this helps!


Hi Robbie, thanks for coming back to me so quickly. I actually have a ticket open with Juno regarding setting up the Post Engagement “Courtesy Bar”

The area that needs more explaination is:
“In the design canvas, add a coupon code layer (and the same coupon code from your email pop up)”

If there is a pop-up using the unique coupon code setting, how do you ensure the same code served to the visitor by the pop-up is also displayed in the Unobar.
It’s not clear how to do this from the details above.

UPDATE: I have found an article that answer my question above. It’s title is “Apply Unique Coupon Codes to Unobar After Sign Up” and can be found in your Help Center. (I can’t seem to grab a link to share it on here.)

But for anyone reading this thread, here is how it would work:

1. When creating the Unobar that you would like to have display the coupon code that was served by the initial Pop-up campaign. You need to use a Text/Object layer.

2. Then type in the following text: {{code}}

3. Save and Publish when ready.

Now when the Unobar displays the text {{code}} will be automatically replaced with the exact same unique coupon code that the visitor was provided by the initial pop-up campaign.



If you want the ability to be able to click on the coupon code on the UnoBar and for the code to be copied to the visitors clipboard ready for pasting. Then you will want to use a CTA Layer type instead of a TEXT/OBJECT layer type I mentioned above.

Below are the steps to take to ensure the click to copy works:

1. Add a new CTA Layer to your design, select the CTA Layer and click on it to edit the text
2. Change the text to read: {{code}}
3. With the CTA layer still selected, in the settings bar to the right, click the check box labelled - “Copy Coupon (optional)” - IMPORTANT: You should see the field above it (Copy to Clipboard (optional) ) auto populate with the text {{coupon}} you need to update this to be {{code}}.
4. Update the field labelled “Copied Successfully” with a message of your choice.
5. Save and Publish

It might be worth updating the Help Center document:
"Apply Unique Coupon Codes to Unobar After Sign Up"
with the above CTA instructions.