UnoBar Best Practices


So this will be a short read, but some good tips and tricks that you should know when creating UnoBars, and how to best apply them.


When designing a Justuno promotion for desktop users, you are also inherently designing the promotion for tablet users. Desktop bars themselves are pretty straightforward, though when translated to tablets, things can get weird. Thus, there are a few things to consider:

  • limit the amount of images you are using, like no more than 2. Try to place them closer to the center of the bar, and do not use the “stick to side” feature. This will make them appear to crowd the other assets on a tablet
  • DO stick the close button to a side: this will make the X responsive to the tablet size and allow users to close it.


  • As per Google’s upcoming policy changes on the mobile experience, we’ll likely suggest folks use UnoBars on mobile a lot more. The only real best practices here are to not take up too much of the mobile screen with your UnoBars, as that is what Google will be looking for.