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Are you seeking ideas, knowledge, strategy, inspiration and so much more? Excellent, join our team in SF and Austin, along with fellow Justuno’s from 100+ countries to help you maximize your website conversions.

History: In 2006, Travis and I added a community forum to our snowboard eCommerce site to begin connecting with customers to answer basic snowboarding questions. Little did we know this community would grow into an entire new form of business called social commerce and have direct impact on every business and product decision we made. Here’s a fun video that a former member (Adam in Australia) posted about Sierrasnowboard.com.

The success was unique, it’s easy to form a community around something that people are so passionate about (snowboarding). However I’ve seen the incredible designs created using Justuno, the catchy copy writing, the advanced audience segmentation…there’s a lot going on with our customers in over 100 countries, 30,000 websites. I’m excited to connect, learn, engage from all of you. When Sierra finished in 2010, we were on a first name basis with all our best customers, we were meeting up at resorts all over the world to ride as one, we were manufacturing snowboards designed by community members.

I know some of you, I’d like to know many more. Please join us here to connect with our own team in San Francisco and Austin to us build the best products together.